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Modified Shipping Containers

Tasbulk not only supply new and used containers, we also have the infrastructure and personnel to modify shipping containers into various shapes and sizes for use in a wide range of applications.

Our CAD design team can draw up the modifications to suit basic common modifications or the "weird and wonderful" applications that often become the "after life use" of a used shipping container.

Over the years we have undertaken a broad range of modifications as shown on the images below (click to enlarge).


Contact us for any modification questions!

tasbulk 40ft highcube sidedoor mod tasbulk 20ft highcube double door modification 20ft tasbulk reefer modification tasbulk workshop mod5
tasbulk vent mod 40ft reefer modified shipping container tasbulk dc20 sidedoor bund mod 2 tasbulk 20ft side door hydro
tasbulk dc20 sidedoor bund mod 1a tasbulk 10ft mod uni tasbulk 20ft under construction tasbulk dc20h bund shelving mod
tasbulk lockbox fitting large tasbulk workshop mod large insulated antarctic mod large container whirlybird mod large
refrigerated shelving large Paint Bay 1 container cutdown large tasbulk 10ft hcc
tasbulk 40ft highcube new modified lined tasbulk fitout aad aad custom petition2 tasbulk shelving 20ft
shortend container door mod 20ft new end window modification tasbulk tasbulk 20ft win door mod tasbulk sidedoor container mod large
tasbulk fitout aad 2 20ft tasbulk reefer modification1 tasbulk 20ft workshop grey tasbulk shortened reefer

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